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USDA Upfront & annual premium being reduced For Conditional Commitments issued by USDA on or after October 1, 2016, The upfront premium will be reduced to 1.0% (currently at 2.75%!) The annual (monthly) fee will be reduced to .35% (currently at .50%!)...

Since the self-employed income policy updates were announced last year, lenders have provided feedback regarding the difficulty in obtaining documentation to evidence a borrower’s ongoing access to business income, and asked for additional guidance on how to determine whether the business has adequate liquidity to support the withdrawal of business earnings. The documentation we currently require may not be readily available or may not directly affirm the borrower’s access to income. Furthermore, some lenders may be generally...

2015 Tax Transcript Requirement  Effective with loans closed on or after June 15, 2016, 2015 tax transcripts will be required. If a borrower has filed an extension, Essex will require: •  Evidence in the file that the extension was filed •  A 2015 Tax Transcript showing “No record of return filed” For salaried borrowers: •  A 2014 transcript; a current paystub; and 2015 W-2 For self-employed borrowers: •  At minimum a 2014 transcript and a P & L for 2015* For retired borrowers: In cases where...

9/10/15 CalFHA has announced discontinuation of CHDAP 2nd Program! *Essex will continue to accept CHDAP 2nd TD submissions until 9-17-15 *All loans received at Essex that are eligible for the CHDAP 2nd will be registered on or before 9-24-15 *All CHDAP loans not currently locked/registered must be closed and funded prior to November 23. All loans currently locked/registered must close by their lock expiration date. ...