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7/10/15 FNMA has announced several exciting underwriting changes! • Conversion of principal residence to rental -30% equity no longer required, Additional reserves no longer required may follow normal rental income guidelines. • Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds (including retirement accounts) -100% of the value of the asset is allowed for reserves, no evidence of liquidation is required if the value of the asset is at least 20% more than       the funds needed to close. • 2106 Expenses (unreimbursed...

2014 Requirement   2014 Tax Transcript Requirement Effective with loans closed on or after June 15, 2015, 2014 tax transcripts will be required, unless the file contains evidence an extension was filed along with a copy of the IRS notice for 2014 showing “no record of return filed.” Note: Loans not requiring income such as non-credit qualifying FHA Streamlines and VA IRRRLs do not require tax transcripts   IRS Rejection of Tax Transcripts Essex is aware of an increase in the IRS rejection rate...

Effective 1/21/15, Lenders may no longer charge interest past the payoff date: HUD HAS CLARIFIED THAT THIS WILL BE EFFECTIVE FOR LOANS THAT CLOSE AFTER 1/21/15 ONLY EXAMPLE 1: Original loan closed 7/30/14, refinance closing 1/30/15; full 30 days interest to be charged EXAMPLE 2: Original loan closed 1/22/15, refinance closing 7/15/15 interest can only be collected through payoff date New Disclosures will be forthcoming for loans closing on or after 1/21/15...

HUD has recently announced the reduction of MIP.  We have a window of opportunity to cancel existing case numbers in order for our customers to take advantage of this announcement. As a service to our customers, Essex Mortgage will automatically cancel the case number for any loan where the case number was issued on or after July 1, 2014 and documents have not been requested. If the case number on your loan was issued prior to July 1st or is...